Birth of Miz 8

“Birth of Miz” Chapter 3

Birth of Miz Chapter 3 The big cloud gave heavy rain. The thick cloud covered sky and made it dark. Every dust was floated by strong stream. After stopping heavy rain, beautiful clear sky opened on hi…

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When he saw the sky, the big cloud was moving from east to west with wind.They looked like bringing something for house-moving. The sky roared loudly.

“Birth of Miz” Chapter 2

Birth of Miz Chapter 2 The sea finally calmed down. The one who had round body and was orange-yellow colour appeared. With the sea, he just went into sleep and was washed ashore. It seemed that his jo…

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The one piece fell to sea with tearing the air. Water waved like being astonished and scattered finely. At the same time, bright light surrounded the place as if it wasn't night. Because of huge energy it had... To be continued..

“Birth of Miz” Chapter 1

Birth of Miz Chapter 1 I just heard the sound that something splashed. It was very very small sound. And to see the sky, the bright fine lights spread and twinkled. That looks beautiful. I continued t…

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