Japan Exploration on Sumikai

Life is adventure.

JAPAN where I arrived at by accident and have lived now is one of the most mysterious countries in this planet, I know. Tokyo is fascinating (and also a little apocalyptic) cyber city, and Kyoto is awesome magical city mixed various foreign cultures. Then, I’m enjoying living in Kyoto.

Sumikai whose old name is Eckendenker is a famous German blogger focusing on Japanese sub-culture, and off cause, my important friend. This article series is my Kyoto exploring diary on his website, consisted of my pics and paintings. I believe you will enjoy my Kyoto diary. There are mysterious something fascinate and inspire you. Let’s enjoy!!

Minaduki Mitsusada

Miz’s Curious : Kashiwaya Mitsusada/柏屋光貞

1 Jul. 2016

Feature : Sweets, Traditional, legendary, Mochi

Mugitemochi Nakamuraken

Nakamuraken – with the greatest Azuki bean paste

7 Jun. 2016

Feature : Sweets, Anko, Azuki, Mochi


Miz’s Curious : Tonkatsu

7 Jun. 2016

Feature : Narikura, Katsukura, Tonkatsu Ganchi, Tonkatsu Yamamoto

Miz Black Kite

Miz’s Curious : Tobi (Schwarzmilan/Black Kite)

20 May. 2016

Feature : Tobi, Bird

Saru Mochi

Shimogamo Shrine in May & Having Saru-Mochi

6 May 2016

Feature : Aoi-Matsuri (Aoi Festival) in Kamigamo and Shimogamo Shrine.


Miz’s Curious : Onigiri

23 april 2016

Feature : Onigiri (おにぎり)

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