Rise to Stardom!! Charli XCX's 7 Awesome Past Songs Is Here

Miz Transform

To Charli XCX!!

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Miz on Frickr

Lily : Hey Miz. Do you know Charli XCX?! She is a so cute and genuine British singer having broke into stardom with several collaborations in this year. I’m sure she is more awesome than Tayler Swift!!



Miz : Oh yeah!! I knew her name when I heard “Boom clap”!¬†She looks cool!!




Lily : Ya!! Miz, let’s dance with playing her best songs!!





“You’re the One”

“Dance 4 U”


“You (Ha Ha Ha)”

“Velvet Dreaming (Luv)”

“Heartbreaks and Earthquakes”

“Boom Clap”

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