Go To FoFoFadi Zoo!! Cashmere Cat + Girly Gorilla + Trippy Turtle


Miz Transform


To Cashmere Cat and…

Cashmere Cat

…Trippy Turtle!!

Trippy Turtle Is Giving Away All Of His Music For Free For 12 Hours

Liliy : Hey Miz!! I brought my awesome music collections for you. YES. Their name is FoFoFadi!! Some good DJs, especially Trippy Turtle and Cashmere Cat, are active in their wired animal mask. UHHHH. I’m hooked on their music recently. Miz, let’s dance together tonight!!




Miz : FoFoFadi, sounds interesting!! Can you turn music on? Let me hear the music!!





1. Cashmere Cat

2. Girly Gorilla

3. Trippy Turtle

+ Hoodboi



  1. Miz tō Gohan : "Ohagi"

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