What We Must Do Aginst The Global Cocoa Shortfall in Near Future

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Cribot : Hey Miz. I know we love delicious chocolate especially Guido Gobino’s product (cf. “Miz Remixing Guido Gobino“). But, do you know also the fact that it will be endangered by 2020??






Miz : Omg!! I don’t know this! That’s terrible!





Cribot : YES. This is really serious situation. According to recent researches, the gap between how much cocoa the world wants to consume and how much it can produce will increase to one million metric tons by January 1, 2020, and, by 2030, the predicted shortfall will double to two million tons. Chocolate we love is actually endangered NOW.




Miz : Need to invent the way to make grow cacao up everywhere!!





Cribot : That’s right. The shortfall of cacao in near the future is due to not only rising popularity of sweets products made with cacao but also drought and disease caused by global climate change. As you said, certainly, inventing the way to grow it may be actually effective. But, Miz, I sugest another before way before pursuing your idea. Watch this shocking video about a fact of chocolate industry.




Miz : OMG!! That’s sad. They should have the profit of chocolate because it is definitely their right. The world must solve the problem of unbalance.




Cribot : Exactly. It’s really serious problem that the farmers who grow cocoa beans in Ivory Coast, the world’s leading producer of cocoa beans, don’t know their finished product and its sweet taste. Miz, I think we should let them taste, enjoy, and be proud of their hard work at first also against the chocolate shortfall. Only inventing and spreading a new way to grow up cacao will repeat the same mistake as old empire’s plantasion.



[quote style=”boxed”]Speaking to The Mirror, Angus Kennedy, editor of industry magazine Kennedy’s Confection said the new chocolate will be a far cry from the Dairy Milk bars we all know and love.

“It will be much sweeter as sugar is the cheapest ingredient and can be used to hide the fact that there is less cocoa powder,” he said.

“High quality chocolate snaps because of the level of cocoa butter. But in the future it won’t as more vegetable fat will be used – the product will be more bendy and sludgy in texture.”[/quote]

via. The World Is Running Out Of Chocolate (Partly Because We’re Eating Too Much)

[quote style=”boxed”]”We complain because growing cocoa is hard work,” one of the workers says, having taken his first bite. “Now we enjoy the result. What a privilege to taste it.”[/quote]

via. Farmers Who Grow Cocoa Beans Taste Chocolate For The First Time. Their Faces Say It All.

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