We NEED Dance Music, Alcohol, and Cold for Being Psychedelic

Miz Manga 016

Recently Miz Was Having A Heavy Cold. Yes, Also Alien Could Be Ill In Bed.

Lily : Hi, Miz brothers, friends, and, readers. I’ll let you know instead of Miz, unfortunately, Miz caught a really heavy cold now. Can you hear his sound of cough through this brain-phone?? So poor Miz!!




Cribot : Oh, This’s true!! In also here Japan, colds are very common now. Get well soon, Miz.




Suddenly, The Door Was Opened loudly. Then Lily Entered and Aaid “Let’s PARTY!!”

Guzu-Mushi : HEY, MIZ!! MIZ!! Can you hear my voice even in your bed?! Listen!! Eat many SWEETS. It save the world including you!!





Miz : Ok… I’ll try it… Cough… Cough…






Yum-Mushi : …By the way, in Japan, there is a famous proverb that The Fool Never Catch A Cold. Guzu, when did you catch a cold last time??




Guzu : What did you say?! I haven’t caught a cold yet thanks to great Sweets power!! HAHAHA





OH My… We Can’t Look at Miz Anymore. God Bless You!!

Cribot : But, why did he become ill?? Too musch run in cold outside??





Miz : Dance… I Daced… I’ll save the world with dance music… Cough… Cough…




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