Simha Vajrasana / Lion Pose

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Roarrrr! Roaring strongly to threaten!

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Lion Pose (Simha Vajrasana)

Benefits of Lion Pose (Simha Vajrasana)

  • Relieves tension in the chest and face.
  • An often-overlooked benefit of Simhasana is that it stimulates the platysma, a flat, thin, rectangular-shaped muscle on the front of the throat. The platysma, when contracted, pulls down on the corners of the mouth and wrinkles the skin of the neck.
  • Simhasana helps keep the platysma firm as we age.
  • According to traditional texts, Simhasana destroys disease and facilitates the three major bandhas (Mula, Jalandhara, Uddiyana).

How to do Lion Pose (Simha Vajrasana) Yoga Pose

  • 1. Sit down on your heels, slightly moving your chin to your chest

  • 2. Put your hands on your knees

  • 3. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as much as possible

  • 4. Start roaring like a lion[/quote]


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