Only Exercise Can Save Your Brain Damaged by Chronic Stress Hormone "CORTISOL"

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Cribot : Hey Miz. I know you are enjoying world invasion in London. But, do you feel also stress to live in such a new enviroment??





Miz : No, but I used to lose my way, that annoyed me!! Google is helping me to go new places!! (cf. “Miz is Saving The World Now in Only INGRESS“)




Cribot : Hahaha. Of cause, we know that. (cf. “Miz’s New Depature for World Invasion” “Wherever You Are, Miz Ninja Comes to Save You Soon“) But, in other point of view, losing your way is good for your health as a sort of exercise. Because, chronic stress can affect seriously our brain function and structure, and most effective antidote to that is just exercise. It can help build a stress-resistant brain.



Miz : Hm, that is good information!! Because of the reason, earthlings love to run, do they??




Cribot : That’s right. A recent analysis found that just five-minute doses of exercise have the biggest effect on enhancing mood and combating stress. The healthier you are, the more time you spend for enjoyable it, and the healthier you are furthermore. But, non-healthful person is the exact of reverse of this. Then, because of have not time of exercise, their stress hormone cortisol kills, shrinks, and stops the generation of new neurons for learning, memory and emotional regulation. Moreover, CHRONIC stress can negatively affect our decision making, working memory, and control of impulsive behavior. This is awful vicious cycle….



Miz : OMG!! The spiral must be avoided!! I think that is important ; JUST DO IT





Cribot : The most interesting fact in this theme is that human brain is very sensitive to the chronic stress, because Earthlings including other all livings have not exposed ever to unique stressful situation like today. Their physical structure of brain is strong for TEMPORARY stress like a encountering the enemy. Then, today human must transcend themselves for surviving new stressful environment.




Biking Alpine Skiing

[quote style=”boxed”]To make matters worse, these same stress hormones can increase the size and activity of a portion of the brain called the amygdala. (3) The amygdala is critical in the formation and storage of memories associated with highly emotional events. It pairs an event with a feeling, and this connection is stored away in our long-term memory so we can either avoid the event or seek it out in the future. The changes cortisol creates increase negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and aggression.

These brain alterations can have significant consequences on the way we interact with others, our ability to learn, remember, make decisions and accomplish long-term goals. They also make it more difficult to successfully manage stressful situations in the future, leading to a vicious cycle.[/quote]

via How Stress Is Making You Lose Your Mind | Jenny C. Evans.



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