Guy Fawkes Is Not Dead Yet. The Genuine Resistance Battles with "V" Mask Also Today

Miz Manga 015

On November 5, The People in Great Britain Celebrates Guy Fawks Night.

Cribot : Hi, Miz. This is Cribot. You seemed to enjoy fireworks celebrating the failure of Gunpowder Plot in early 17 century. Interestingly, Guy Fawks, a member of the group, is really famous for the mask of “V” written by Alan Moore, in all over the world. So, for all earthlings, Guy is most powerful symbol of resistance now.




Guzu-Mushi : I don’t know such a difficult thing, but those fires look like ice candies!! That’s nor fair, Bozz!!



Suddenly, Awful Masked Man Appeared from Darkness. Get Away, Miz!!

Miz : Guzu, this story is not something yummy you image now. I came across the genuine resistance, Guy Fawkes!! He have not been dead still now!!




Era-Mushi : That’s nor fair, Bozz!! I want to challenge him to a duel, on my honor of Ninja!!




“Who Are You?! Unmask Now!!”


Miz : OK!! I’ll tell him about you next time.





Cribot : Wait wait wait. Was Guy a so tall man?? This man is as short as you!!





“Hahaha!! Hello, Young Miz!! You Are Not First Miz Coming The Earth!!”

Cribot : Oh my gosh…!! Unbelievable!!






Miz : Hihihi. Did you know the Byron’s famous words “Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction”, Cribot?? I studied the amazing fact that also our friends and ancestors coming here, from Miz-Guy Fawkes!!





  1. Miz tō Gohan : “Daigaku-Imo(Candied Sweet Potatoes)”

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