The Great History of Personal Computer from Memex to iPhone

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Cribot : Hey, Miz. I know your beautiful art works are created from Mac computer. Do you love Steeve Jobs’s products??





Miz : Yes, of course!! I really love his products!!




Cribot : Yeeaah. Jobs was genuine great inventor, as his epitaph was written “One of the greatest inventors of the last century”. Actually, there is no doubt that he was the first person who have designed computer including mouse, typography, and user experience from an aesthetic perspective. However, what Jobs had carried out is just those in whole history of personal computer from an idea 70 years ago to his iPhone. Now, let’s explore the history consisted of 11 products pictures I chose. This is short trip for knowing who Steve Jobs was!!

1. Memex (1945), Vannevar Bush

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HALL OF FAME Vannevar Bush Still Building the Memex

2. Sketchpad (1963), Ivan Sutherland

Viewing Gallery For – Ivan Sutherland Sketchpad Sketchpad Айвена Сазерленда и сила случая

3. oN-Line System (1968), ARCDouglas Engelbart

CHM Fellow Douglas C. Engelbart

4. LOGO (1967), Seymour Papert

Seymour Papert LOGO

5. Apple II (1977), Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at Apple

Apple II

6. Smalltalk in Alto (1973), PARC & Alan Kay

Alan Kay The Xerox Alto Media Library – PARC, a Xerox companny

7. LISA (1983) & Macintosh (1984), Apple & Jef Laskin & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin
Apple Lisa Cult of Mac and iFixit Teardown the Original Macintosh 128k

8. NeXTcube (1988), NeXT & Steve Jobs

A 1986 PBS Documentary On Steve Jobs And NeXT Computer NeXT Computer

9. iMac G3 (1998), Apple & Steve Jobs

The technology legacy of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple The Stevesonian – iMac

10. OLPC-XO (2007), OLPC & Seymour Papert & Alan Kay & Nicholas Negroponte

Nicholas Negroponte: ‘Disband the United Nations’ Harish, a school boy uses a laptop as a calf stands next to him, on the eve of International Literacy Day at Khairat village New Solomons study puts hard evidence of OLPC’s positive impact

11. iPhone (2007), Apple & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs “iPhone” (2007-2011 USA) The Original First Generation iPhone Boxed and Unopened for $10,000

Miz : Wow, he did the biggest effect of these! And he made the computers transform as iPhone, that is the greatest thing. I think.



Cribot : That’s right, Miz. In whole history of personal computer, we can look him as not inventor but REINVENTOR and CONSUMMATOR. Of course, it means that he stole shamelessly various good ideas like a pirate, consummated most wonderful that like an artist, and reigned in the end of that history like a king. Then, Jobs disrupted newly even that with a series of reinvesion from iTunes to iPad in 2000s as a genuine innovater and he died like just a man. What should I say… How wonderful!!


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