Learn to Keep Balance, Before Setting out on Trip for World "Curry"

Miz Pantry

“The Road of the Gourmet”

via. Shiva Curry Wara | Chika Hitujiya on Flickr

Yum-Mushi : Hi, Master!! The day before yesterday, I went to a famous South Indian curry restaurant “Shiva Curry Wara” in west of Tokyo. Look these pictures. That was so yummy!!




Master Galapa : Hm. Good experience. As Miz reported British ethnic foods in east London few weeks ago (cf. “Eating ethnic foods at Brick Lane Market“), unique Indian cooking style using several spices had spread to global world thorough British Empire. Of course, into Japan, curry had been imported as British cooking 150 years ago, and harmonized our food culture.




Yum : So, are there many many styles of “Curry” we call in all over the world??




via. Shiva Curry Wara | Chika Hitujiya on Flickr

Galapa : Exactly. But, there is NOT “Curry” in the first place. Only several cooking style using rich spices, there is ordinary in south of Asia. Then, in India, there are many many cuisines that differs across India’s diverse regions as a result of variation in local culture and geographical location, for example, Goan, Bengali, and Kashmiri… By tha way, where did the nun vanish in this picture??




Yum : Nun?? We ate all it at first!! That’s was so yummy!!







Eat with keeping balance in all dishes!!




Yum : Auchi!! I’m against violence!!




Elegant Dish!!

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