What Do You Eat After Enjoying Hokusai's Great Ukiyo-e?

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“The Road of the Gourmet”

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Hokusai: Waterfalls in all provinces

Yum-Mushi : Hi, Master!! Last weekend, I went picnic on Ueno Park in Tokyo for watching Hokusai Katsushika’s ukiyo-e. Do you know him??




Master Galapa : Of course, YES. He is a one of the greatest Ukiyo-e painter and actually the first person doing modern painting in Japan. So, all of us is living on his precious works… I think we can’t talk Japanese art history without the existence of Hokusai.




Yum : Oh… I didn’t know he was such a super man… But, why did he paint so various scenes and objects like that??



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Galapa : That’s good question. The biggest reason is probably business. Then the Edo he had lived in 19th century is was so flourish and all sort of things including Ukiyo-e had dealt by merchants, contrary to the image of National isolation. But, in his mind, I guess there was the strong spirit of painter trying to draw everything.




Yum : Hm. I watched one hundred and over of his paintings, but I couldn’t quite enough of it like the world of Web!!




Galapa : That’s right. Now, we are living in cultural globalization mixing various things from all over the world… as you ate the British chocolates after watching Ukiyo-e in Tokyo. In that sense, Hokusai may be the pioneer of contemporary artist too. Hm… That’s really interesting…



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