Million Laser Beams Revealed The Lost Khmer Metropolis

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The Largest Religious Monument Angkor Wat – Heritage Preserved

Cribot : Hey, Miz. Do you remember that we studied the discoveries of Stonehenge by new technology some weeks ago?? (cf. Non-Destructive Technology Reveals The Mystery of Stonehenge)




Miz : Yes!! I’m thinking to go there!!




Cribot :  That’s good idea!! I want to go there with you… By the way, today’s amazing news is in not Europe but Southeast Asia. YES. About an amazing discoveries of Angkor in Cambodia.




Miz : wow, I’ve never been there,too! Let me tell that story!!





Cribot : Well, as we can see on Google Earth, Angkor is a region surrounded by deep and vast jungles now. Especially Angkor Wat built in early 12 century is surrounded by moats and walls, so Khmer Rouge used as fortress in an age of 1980. Recently, the amazing fact that Angkor had been big and bustling metropolis in then was revealed. Incidentally, London you live in now needed another 700 years for reaching similar size.




Miz : over 700 years..!! Maybe earthlings will be able to go anther planet!!




Cribot : That’s probably right… The most interesting point of this discovery is that LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) mounted on helicopter fired a million laser beams every four seconds through the jungle canopy for recording the ground surface. In other words, the archeologists didn’t any forests and wasn’t injured by any land mines. Look at pictures, Miz.



Miz : OH MY GOSH!!!! Unbelievable!!! Ancient earthlings were as awesome as current ones!!




Cribot : That’s right. Finally, this research using the laser technology have capable of understanding their city’s outlines and large-scale hydraulic engineering for the first time.





[quote style=”boxed”]Then, last year, archaeologists announced a series of new discoveries – about Angkor, and an even older city hidden deep in the jungle beyond.

The archaeologists found undocumented cityscapes etched on to the forest floor, with temples, highways and elaborate waterways spreading across the landscape.

“You have this kind of sudden eureka moment where you bring the data up on screen the first time and there it is – this ancient city very clearly in front of you,” says Dr Evans.

These new discoveries have profoundly transformed our understanding of Angkor, the greatest medieval city on Earth.[/quote]

via BBC News – Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city.

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